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Star Trek: Deep Space Nine

"Sons and Daughters"

by David E. Sluss

28 October 1997

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: Worf's son Alexander joins the war effort in order to ... well, I don't know; Alex's motivations are never made clear. Meanwhile, Ziyal is forced to choose between Dukat and Kira. This is clearly the weakest of the "arc shows" so far, and not coincidentally, the one most disconnected from the arc. The reunion of Worf and Alex really should have waited until later.


TEMPORAL ANOMALY OF THE WEEK: Alright, Alexander has always aged in an accelerated fashion, but come on. He's, what seven, eight years old?

TEMPORAL ANOMALY OF THE WEEK RUNNER-UP: In this episode, Kira is trapped in a time loop. Last week, in "Rocks and Shoals," Kira was shocked to discover how comfy she was with the occupation and vowed to change her ways. This week, Kira is shocked by how comfy she is with the occupation and vows to change her ways. Next week...

KEEN OBSERVER OF THE WEEK: General Martok: "When a father and son don't speak, there is trouble between them." Yeah, that, or they're mimes. Very astute, sir.

SMALL WORLD STORY OF THE WEEK: Sisko and company just happen to be rescued by Martok's ship? Had to shoehorn Brooks, Meaney, etc. into the episode somehow...

CHUMP OF THE WEEK: Delivery boy Damar. I am getting to like the character, though. He's the perfect Cardassian lackey. Like Dolly the Vorta (Weyoun), he grows on you -- like fungus.

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