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"Behind the Lines"

by David E. Sluss

28 October 1997

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: Odo is seduced by the unnamed Female Changeling, while Sisko bristles at riding a desk while his ship and crew are out in the field.


NEW TECHNOLOGY OF THE WEEK: Since when do starship phasers run on Energizer batteries? I half-expected to see that pink bunny walk through the Defiant's mess hall during the battery ritual. I thought that the ritual itself was appropriate, and an interesting idea, though.

CHANGELING WATCH OF THE WEEK: I felt more strongly than ever during most of this episode that Admiral Wooden was a Changeling, and that it was he who was providing all of Starfleet's plans to the Dominion. The Defiant's success makes me doubt that, though. But I still say that Salome Jens' character is a Changeling :)

UNLIKELY GENIUS OF THE WEEK: Damar never seemed to me to be a rocket scientist, but now he has figured out what no one else has for the last four months? I guess if idiot Rom can build the mines, moron Damar can destroy them.

UNLIKELY ASSIGNMENT OF THE WEEK: Maybe Admiral Wooden is trying to sabotage the Federation war effort. Otherwise, why would he put a science officer (and a Lt. Commander, yet) in charge of this crucial tactical mission? Maybe she does know how to navigate the crapometric fields, but that doesn't mean she should command the ship.

POTENTIAL RESET BUTTON OF THE WEEK: The DS9 staff's collective finger is hovering over the reset button, but the Time Delay is still holding them back. Odo's betrayal here looks like a good candidate for resetting in a couple of weeks ("It wasn't your fault Odo, you were being mind-controlled; it's happened to all of us ... no really, it has!")

ILL-CONCEIVED ROLE OF THE WEEK: Or of the arc for that matter. It has to be Rom, who is supposedly on the station "spying for Starfleet." Obviously, he is participating in the resistance, but there is no indication that he is spying for, or getting information to, Starfleet.

SUBTLE DISCONTINUITY OF THE WEEK: Ever notice how Kanar (sp?) never looks the same? The first time it was shown (in "The Maquis"), it looked like 10000-mile-old motor oil and poured about as well. In "Ties of Blood and Water," it was a light-colored, easily poured fluid. Now it looks a lot like the much-maligned root beer.

UNEXPLAINED MYSTERY OF THE WEEK: The questions surrounding Odo's recovery of his Changeling abilities arise again as Female Changeling hints that maybe the Founders allowed it to happen. I hope this is addressed one way or another, but I have a funny feeling that it won't be.

EUNUCH OF THE WEEK: Dolly the Vorta (a.k.a. Weyoun), who finds himself snipped the moment Female Changeling walks into the room. Of course, as a cloned species, the Vorta may not have any to begin with.

BROWN-NOSER OF THE WEEK: Dukat, trying to curry favor with Female Changeling. And whatever happened to her hatred of Cardassians ("Broken Link").

UNPUNISHED COURT-MARTIAL OFFENSE OF THE WEEK: For once, it's not Starfleet which is letting its errant and incompetent officers off the hook; it's the Cardassian Military. Damar was set up in that incident with the memo, but the truth is, he carried a padd containing a top secret document into a bar with him. That should be sufficient reason for Dukat to give Damar airlock washing duty.

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