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by David E. Sluss

23 April 1998

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: "Inquisition" was a big step up for DS9. The oft-forgotten war was, if not front and center, at least important to the story for the first time in too long. And we weren't asked to swallow anything too implausible for the first time in quite a while as well.


WATCHWORD OF THE WEEK: Continuity, or at least name-dropping masquerading as continuity. Can anyone think of a Bashir episode that wasn't referenced? Of course, there is a downside to that sort of thing...

SLEEPING DOG AWAKENED OF THE WEEK: People cried foul last year at the absurdity of the escape of Bashir, et al, in "By Inferno's Light," especially insofar as the Dominion apparently kept getaway vehicles for their prisoners parked in orbit of the prison. Now, the sore subject is brought up again and used as a red herring only to remain unresolved? Best not bring that kind of thing up, if you ask me.

SLEEPING DOG AWAKENED OF THE WEEK RUNNER-UP: I'm waiting -- why did Starfleet let those mentally unbalanced, illegally enhanced humps look at classified Starfleet battle plans in "Statistical Probabilities?"

PHANTOM CHARACTER OF THE WEEK: Dolly the Vorta. It occurred to me that we haven't seen the real Weyoun for a while (since "Statistical Probabilities," I believe), but we've seen illusory, hallucinatory or otherwise fraudulent Weyouns repeatedly since the Occupation Argh ended:

  • "Waltz": Hallucination
  • "Far Beyond the Stars": Hallucination
  • "Inquisition": Hologram

Not a criticism, really (believe it ... or else!), merely an observation. He's the 24th century Elvis.

PHANTOM CHARACTERS OF THE WEEK RUNNERS-UP: Well...everyone, considering that 95% of the episode took place in a holodeck. I sure wish that could have been avoided. It negates much of the characterization shown, including that of Sloan, and, possibly, of Bashir, depending on the exact nature of that neck gizmo.

STARFLEET UNINTELLIGENCE OF THE WEEK: So now the doctor gets to be a spy as well as play one on the holodeck. I can't decide if he's a better or worse choice than O'Brien as a spy. Who's next? Kai Winn? If Starfleet personnel think that people like O'Brien and Bashir are cut out to be spies, it's no wonder Section 8 ... ah ... Section 31 was needed in the first place. Without someone to back up the incompetent and corrupt Starfleet "Intelligence" and "Security" divisions, Sisko and friends (hell, Kirk and friends) would have spent their lives scrubbing toilets on Romulus. On the other hand, we now know why Starfleet "Intelligence" has time to bust cheap hoods on backwater planets during wartime (c.f. "Honor Among Thieves"): because real operatives working for Section 31 are doing the actual work of undermining the enemy. Of course the real question is: will there ever be a followup to any of this? Like Sarek said, "Only time will answer."

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NEXT WEEK: Sisko lies to the Romulans -- Kenneth Starr obtains the authority to investigate perjury charges against him. It is clearly within the scope of his Whitewater investigation since Sisko's great-great-great-great-great grandmother once had a license plate made by Linda McDougal. Thankfully, serial cloning has allowed Starr to continue his inquiry even into the 24th century....

...on the next Starr Trek: Gene Splice #9



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