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"Image in the Sand"

by David E. Sluss

3 October 1998

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: A reasonably good start to the season, though a bit too by-the-numbers and predictable. I already see the "videonovel" tag being tossed around, a notion that will probably soon vanish, around the time the first Ferengi episode airs, but if the seventh season really is an arc, its first chapter just might bode well.


DEJA VU OF THE WEEK: Another three-month gap? This one isn't nearly as objectionable as last year's, since this time, apparently, nothing important happened that we missed, outside of Kira's promotion. The Dominion and Federation seem to have acted out that old Sheepdog vs. Wolf cartoon, punching their time cards after "Fear for the Profits," and heading out to the bar together until they had to go to work again. Speaking of animation...

LIFESIGNS OF THE WEEK: Admiral Wooden (or Wooden Bill) had a bit of spark for a change. I still recommend keeping matches and lighters away from him. Be cool about fire safety.

BUNKER OF THE WEEK: Somehow the Dumb-Ar/Dolly the Vorta banter is reminiscent to me of "All in the Family." The only issue is: who's Archie and who's Edith? And is Dumb-Ar doubling as Meathead?

FILLER OF THE WEEK: Vic Fontaine is quickly wearing out his welcome, as another three minutes of precious airtime is wasted on a musical number.

AWOL OF THE WEEK: So Bashir and O'Brien can just leave their post and go off on this Klingon Klaptrap mission without consulting Wooden, Kira, or anyone else? And, Miles, don't you think you should tell Keiko and the kids? Jeez...

TELEGRAPH OF THE WEEK: An archaic device by the 24th Century to be sure, but nevertheless it is still in wide use, apparently, sending out messages to virtually every viewer with a pulse about exactly what was going on with the Romulan subplot. I was shocked... shocked! ... to find that the Romulans hadn't really built a hospital, and that The Only Good Romulan wasn't so good. Presumably, the Romulans never actually joined the alliance, and are deliberately destabilizing it for their Dominion puppeteers.

TELEGRAPH OF THE WEEK RUNNERUP: Anyone out there who doesn't think Sarah was a Prophet in human form, and that The Sisko was created and manipulated by the Prophets from Day One into being the Emissary? On the one hand, that idea is as stupid as hell and as old as the hills. On the other hand, it ties in with my own prediction about the ending of DS9, posted a while back. Call my lawyer.... and my banker!

SUDS OF THE WEEK: While we're on the subject, this shell game about Sisko's mother is getting dangerously close to Soap Opera Shenanigans. Careful, folks....

BROOKS BLOW-UP OF THE WEEK: Only one week into the season, and we've already had our first patented Sisko-blows-his-top scene, delivered in vintage Avery Brooks fashion. "I NEED TO KNOW WHO SHE IS!!!!" Sisko's father looks horrified, and frankly I don't think that was an act on Brock Peters' part...

Next: "Shadows and Symbols" NEXT WEEK: There's a fight in the desert! And a fight in the sun! And a fight on the moon! But are they all undercards?



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