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Star Trek: Deep Space Nine

"Shadows and Symbols"

by David E. Sluss

10 October 1998

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: Most of the plot threads from last week are resolved in a reasonable, if not terribly compelling fashion.


OVERKILL OF THE WEEK: Alright, this episode is all about fate, destiny, karma, and all that crap, but having Ezri's ship named the Destiny is pushing it to say the least. Yo, writers: WE GET IT, ALREADY! And speaking of kill....

HOMICIDAL MANIAC OF THE WEEK: It's the Cynic, I'm afraid, every time Ezri Dax opened her mouth. I rarely get the urge to strangle fictional characters, but Ezri was pushing my buttons. I guess she was supposed to be annoying, as she adjusts to the sumbiont, but if she doesn't stop babbling immediately, she may become DS9's Neelix. It's not fair to judge Ms. deBoer as an actress based on this performance, but at this point even Chase Masterson as "Leeta Dax" may have been less annoying ("That must have been some orb experience, Ben!" "Yeah. And the vision I had wasn't bad either!"). Oh, well, only 24 more episodes to go...

PROPHET OF THE WEEK: No, not that CGI in the box, but the Cynic, who predicted with uncanny accuracy the exact details about Sarah and the Prophets' role in creating The Sisko. I do seem to have been a bit off about the Romulans as Dominion plants, but I'm keeping my twenty on the table for now. As for my next prediction: Who wants to bet that Dumb-Ar's ladyfriend is a spy for either the Federation or for Garak? It seems like standard fare plotting to me to have the none-too-bright enemy leader seduced by a spy for the Good Guys, and if there's one thing Trek's writers excel at, it's standard fare plotting. Which reminds me...

TREKKIAN CLICHE OF THE WEEK: Funny how the sensors never work when you're actually looking for something. Damn that ionization anyway.

KLINGON KLAPTRAP OF THE WEEK: Well, Worf's little ritual was enlightening to sat the least. Apparently, all he had to do to get Jadzia into Sto-vo-cor was stand around and do nothing while others did all the work.

ADDICTS OF THE WEEK: DS9's writers who, despite this "semi-arc" season they're writing, just couldn't get through this episode without a "hit" of the Reset Button, i.e. the Romulans backing down and presumably kissing and making up with the Alliance. Perhaps there will be some follow-up to this tension between the Federation's allies, but given the track record to date, I rather doubt it. And speaking of follow-up...

CONSEQUENCES OF THE WEEK: I suppose we'll have to wait and see whether there are any, but I sure as hell hope that the destruction of the Dominion shipyards here doesn't turn into another "Ketrecel White Problem." Last year, the bombing of the K-White Still in "A Time Too Bland" was a supposedly crucial mission that had no impact on anything whatsoever. I hope that that isn't the case again, but it doesn't look good; we didn't even get a reaction to the destruction of the shipyarsds in _this_ episode. I would have at least expected a "Bunker" scene with Dumb-Ar and Dolly the Vorta with Dolly nagging Dumb-Ar about the incident.

MAN OF DESTINY OF THE WEEK: If you think it's Sisko, you're close. It's actually Avery Brooks, who may have found the perfect role for his ...ah... enthusiastic acting style, namely the institutionalized raving lunatic Bennie Russell. Over the top seems normal in the loony bin.

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