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"Take Me Out to the Holosuite"

by David E. Sluss

24 October 1998

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: A embarrassing, time-wasting episode, dumb as bricks from beginning to end. Echoing this year's baseball season, the writers took a run at a cherished and sacrosanct record: Most Stupidity in an Episode. As in baseball's record chase, the consumption of questionable substances may have been involved. But in the end, this particular record still stands. "Take Me Out with the Garbage" has slightly less stupidity in it than record-holder "One Little Shit," but not by much. A good effort, nevertheless, gentlemen; better luck next week.


MYSTERY OF THE WEEK: Why? Why, in DS9's last season, with a zillion story threads remaining to be tied up, are the writers serving up this kind of irrelevant horseshit? I mean this is even less connected to DS9's overall story than a Ferengi show is. About the only good thing that might come out of it is euthanizing the "Seventh Season Videonovel" talk. I sincerely hope that there is not a master plan for this season, because if there is, it means that this crap was planned in advance, and that is a horrible notion to contemplate.

ARC TEST OF THE WEEK: As I expected, nothing come of Starfleet's planned offensive in the Callandra system, mentioned in "Afterimage." Indeed, much as I tire of saying this, it is damn near impossible to tell that there is a war going on at all. The senior staffs of the station and a starship apparently did nothing over a space of two weeks but practice for the game.

SOCIAL PROMOTION OF THE WEEK: Since when is Nog a senior officer? Sisko calls for the "senior staff" and Nog is there. I guess the war's been going far worse than we thought. Too bad we don't get to see any of it. [Yeah, yeah, get off it, Cynic; if you're not careful, Cynics Corner Reviews will be cancelable spam, thanks to substantially similar content]

RACISM OF THE WEEK: Is Sisko prejudiced against Vulcans, because of an incident years ago? Since nothing particularly interesting was taking place on the screen, I thought about this question during much of the episode. Sisko shows a level of contempt for Solok and the Vulcans that seems to go beyond a personal grudge. Have we ever seen a Vulcan crew member on the station? Is Sisko keeping them out? But beyond Sisko's attitude, much of the command staff seemed to have similar contempt for the Vulcans. And what's this about an all-Vulcan crew on a Starfleet vessel? Is it ghettoization on the part of Starfleet Command? Yes, I know that "all-Vulcan" ships go all the way back to the Intrepid on the original Star Trek, but it sounds out of place in this day and age, and, in this episode, seemed to be part of a pattern of prejudice that is frankly a bit disturbing. But maybe I'm looking too hard to find something worth talking about in this episode.

Cheryl M. Capezzuti contributed to this review.

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