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"Inter Arma Enim Silent Leges"

by David E. Sluss

6 March 1999

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: It's about time. An episode that deals with the war and manages to be interesting and well-executed as well. If this level of quality can be maintained for the remaining ten hours of DS9, it might, repeat, might, make up for so much of the dreck we were subjected to earlier this season.


QUOTABLE OF THE WEEK: I'm a little biased, but I'd have to go with Bashir's comment in the teaser: "I shall endeavor to become more cynical with each passing day." Words to live by.

WELFARE RECIPIENT OF THE WEEK: I hate to say it, but this week's winnah is Andrew Robinson. Hey, I like the Garak character as much as the next person, but he wasn't really put to good use here. His conversation with Bashir was basically a rehash of past conversations, with Garak spouting innuendo about his past intrigues and criticizing Bashir's idealism. I guess this scene was intended to remind everyone what a nice, law-abiding kind of guy Bashir is. Here's hoping Garak gets worthwhile material soon.

BROKEN STREAK OF THE WEEK: No mention of the Alamo? I gave half a point just for that...

BELATED CONTINUITY OF THE WEEK: The Romulan presence on the station hasn't been mentioned since "Shadows and Symbols," and its been easy to forget about it. Unlike the Klingon presence, which we are reminded of nearly every week by scenes of Klingons on the promenade and so forth, we haven't gotten any such indication that the Romulans are maintaining an office on DS9. Now we find out that Cretak apparently meets with DS9's staff on a weekly basis? On the other hand, that meeting was largely just a "give the whole cast a part" scene, so I guess I shouldn't make a big deal out of it.

FASHION VICTIM OF THE WEEK: Someone should tell "master spy" Sloan that skulking around in a black leather union suit is not the way to avoid attracting attention. Presumably Sadler was costumed as such in order to ensure that even the most dull-witted viewer knew that his character was supposed to be Evil. That or it made Sadler "feel good all under."

EUNUCH OF THE WEEK: I guess I'd have to give the title to Admiral Wooden a.k.a. Admiral Ross. Not only can't he hold his liquor, but in the end he gives up the entire operation to Bashir, even though Bashir barely prodded him and knew essentially nothing. Oh, and a slight nit relating to this scene: since Ross was apparently just a stooge for Sloan, it doesn't seem likely that he would have been privy to Sloan's transporter escape plan.

MYSTERY OF THE WEEK: Unless it turns out that Praetor Noral is working for Starfleet along with Koval, it's unclear why he was so quick to release Bashir. I guess Bashir's interrogation and trial, which would seem to be warranted under the circumstances, from the Romulans' point of view, fell victim to "Five Minutes to the End Syndrome."

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