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In email and various discussion forums on the Internet, some issues occasionally arise about the Cynics Corner Ratings given to various episodes (e.g. "Cynic was soft on that episode"). The Cynics Corner Ratings are a little bit different from the system that some other reviewers use. And, of course, because episodes are routinely bashed regardless of their overall quality, it isn't always clear whether I liked the episode or not. So here's the story behind the numbers. The bottom line is that the system works something like the academic system:

9.0-10.0 (A) Excellent; very enjoyable, with minor/ignorable flaws.
8.0-8.9 (B) Good; flaws are more noticeable and/or more serious.
7.0-7.9 (C) Average; standard fare, watchable up to a point.
6.0-6.9 (D) Near failure; with a few redeeming qualities.
0.0-5.9 (F) Failure, to various degrees.

This means, for instance, that a 6.0 is not a good rating at all, and that an "average" episode would score somewhere around a 7.5. Hope this helps.



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