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Star Trek: Voyager

"Year of Hell, Part II"

by David E. Sluss

15 November 1997

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Another "Major Star Trek Sweeps Event" come and gone, and yet I have the strangest feeling nothing happened.

THE BOTTOM LINE: The increasingly rickety Voyager and her increasingly psychotic crew struggle against the Krenim. Meanwhile, Chakotay and Paris work from the inside to try and activate the Extra-Large Reset Button [TM]. An interesting episode, but since none of it happened, does it really matter?


PSYCHIC FRIENDS NETWORK OF THE WEEK: The denizens of these here newsgroups, many of whom predicted with uncanny accuracy the twist ending in which the entire conflict we witnessed in the last two weeks was erased from history. How did they do it? And can they bend spoons?

GENOCIDE OF THE WEEK: Is it Annorax's destruction of countless civilizations? No, it's Paris, eating_the last of the so-and-so civilization; call me sick, but that brought a big smile to my face.

MATHEMATICS DUNCE OF THE WEEK: The Doctor: "Delegate, Captain! There are seven other crew members who can help you through nicotine withdrawal!" Funny, I count seven total including Janeway left on the ship, unless there was some Ensign Expendible that I missed.

OLD ACQUAINTANCES FORGOTTEN OF THE WEEK: You'd think a mention of the evacuated crew might have been in order. "Captain, do you think the crew will survive hostile aliens, 'micro-meteoroid' showers, and temporal and spatial anomalies in those crappy escape pods?"

OLD ACQUAINTANCES FORGOTTEN OF THE WEEK RUNNERUP: In the end, when we are back supposedly in the original timeline, still no one remembers Kes' warning about the Krenim. Has Kes been erased from Voyager's history? If so, does that mean we lose "Elogium"? Who-hoo!

UNNECESSARY BIO-BABBLE OF THE WEEK: "The so-and-sos introduced an antibody into our genome." Brannon, it's sufficient to say that one of the so-and-sos found the cure for cancer; why put your ignorance of biology and medicine on display when you don't have to?

SALESPERSON OF THE WEEK: Sure wish we could have seen just how Janeway managed to convince Alien Species #1 and #2 to help out. "Ambassador, we need your help against a madman whose magic ship is altering history repeatedly." "Of course, Captain Janeway, these gentlemen in white coats will accompany you on your mission."

RIPOFF OF THE WEEK: So the "Year of Hell" lasted only 257 days? I want my money back. I guess the title sounded better than "Eight Months of Hell."

POOR TACTIC OF THE WEEK: The Krenim time-ray apparently cannot be aimed and can only be fired straight out the nose. So where do those two Alien Species #1 ships fly? Right in front of the nose, after which they are vaporized in short order. Duh-uh.

NOXIOUS GAS OF THE WEEK: Is it the nebula which somehow got into Voyager during the teaser? No, it's Janeway, talking out of her bum about how destroying the temporal core will restore the original timeline. She has no basis for believing that, and knows nothing about the temporal core other than its location. The fact that her random guess turns out to be true only makes it worse. Something stinks here.

AUDIENCE PLEASER LINE OF THE WEEK: Is it the witty "Time's Up!", right up there with "Assimilate this!" from First Contact on Braga's "crackling dialogue" meter? Nope, it's Seven of Nine, speaking for the viewership: "It is offensive." Indeed.

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